God, Hockey, and Working in Television

God has done amazing things in my life, long before I’d accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I am a very blessed man, and now recognize His guiding hand on my shoulder. That was not always the case.

More than a few years ago I was a television rookie, a weekend sports producer at the CBS station in Boston, my hometown. I was covering the athletes I’d grown up following. I got to stand on the field at Fenway Park, on the ice and the parquet floor at the old Boston Garden. I met my childhood heroes. I was living the dream. I had the world by the tail, and I was all of 22. How could life get better? I didn’t think it could.

But it can.

Now, fast forward more than a few years, and here I am, working and serving Him as your Coordinating Producer at Good Life 45, Central Florida’s biggest Christian television station. Had you told me back then that this is where I’d be, I would’ve recommended you for an evaluation and possibly some medication.

I knew what I wanted. I was going to travel a good chunk of the world. I would cover the biggest news and sports events. I would witness history, meet world leaders, all the biggest athletes and other celebrities. I…I…I. Yeah, it was all about me and my goals.

I got to do all that, and it was an incredible rush. Presidential elections, 9/11, Super Bowls, most every other major sporting event you can think of. I’ve got a few awards and box of media credentials you could use as a doorstop. I covered the biggest events, the biggest news, good and bad.

But I had no idea what God wanted. I had no idea how He was working in my life. I will spare you the details, but I’ve taken my share of hits over the years. I survived them all, and now realize that the glory for that is all God’s. He brought me to and through all those events, giving me as much as I could handle while protecting me with that loving, guiding hand from going too far off track and even saving my physical life a couple of times.

When He grabbed my heart and I accepted Jesus, everything in my world changed, starting with my perspective. It wasn’t about me any more. It was about Jesus. I realized that I just wanted to serve Him. I prayed for a chance to do that. He blessed me with the skill to produce television, and all I wanted was a chance to honor Him for what He’s blessed me with. After all those years of covering wins and losses on the field, the battlefield and at the polls, I just wanted a chance to serve. After a few years of waiting, hoping and praying for an opportunity, God opened the door for me to join an amazing group of people here at Good Life 45. The wins are now how many people we reach for Jesus. It’s a lot more important than how my Bruins did the night before. I realize now what true fulfillment means.

I’ve worked in my share of television stations, and never been around a more single minded group. Know that as you watch Good Life 45, there is a hard working team of people working behind the scenes to share Christ in compelling ways with you. It’s our only goal, and it’s an honor to serve alongside them.

DougPrusak_570x380Doug Prusak is the Coordinating Producer at Good Life 45. He’s a born and bred Bostonian, a graduate of Boston University, a fan of all Boston sports teams (except Boston College), and a licensed teaching golf pro. Doug has spent the last 29 years in control rooms all up and down the east coast, including an 11 year stint at CNN. He is the father of 2 children, the stepdad to two more, and blessed to be married to his wife Lisa. Doug has been serving at Good Life 45 since 2013 and can be emailed at doug@tv45.org.

DATE: 03/02/2015
CATEGORY: Doug Prusak