Shelter in a Storm

I’d like to share a little story with you.  My family and I were recently on a trip and ended up at the airport waiting for our flight to take off but which was delayed because of bad weather.  In fact, as we watched the dark clouds and saw the rain beating down on the windows and the lightning flashing across the skies, we were actually glad we were not on an airplane trying to fly through the storm.  

We were grateful for the wisdom of those in charge who had our best interest at heart.  So there we sat in the airport all safe and sound as the storm made its way past us.  I thought, how many times are we in a storm but we don’t really feel the effects because we’re in a protected place.  

It reminded me of Psalm 91 which talks about God covering us with His feathers and our being under His wings which are like a place of refuge for us.  Are you looking for prayer or refuge from things in your life?  Please send us your prayer requests.  We would be honored to pray for you.  

BarbaraBeck_570x380By: Barbara Beck

DATE: 15/03/2016