God Will Provide

This has been a time of want for my family. If you’ve ever been in a desert relationally, financially, spiritually, physically, professionally, etc., I’m sure you can relate. Have you been there?

I always find that God uses my times of struggle and need much more profoundly in my life than when I am feeling content. It’s not that I don’t still need God during good times – of course I do! Rather, it’s when I’m fully dependent upon Him for my next breath, for my next meal, for my next bill to be paid, that I feel closest to Him and most in His presence.

Just today, a dear sister-in-Christ sought me out at the start of the workday to let me know that God had given her something to share with me. She wrote two words on a post-it note and put it in front of me. Jehovah Jireh.   If you don’t know Hebrew (which I don’t either) or if you haven’t done a bible study on the names of God (there are some good ones out there, if you’re interested), you probably don’t know what that means.

Jehovah Jireh

Several years ago I became interested in the names of God while reading the Christmas story and rereading the name Immanuel. God with us. I started to seek out the other names of God and to try to learn what some of them mean. I don’t know all of them, but now I do recognize them when I see them.

Other than recognizing Jehovah Jirah was a name of God, I couldn’t remember what it meant.   So I did what any self-respecting digital communications professional would do, and I Googled it. It’s found in the story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in Genesis, and it means God will provide.

 I love that. Not just that He does provide, but it’s the promise of things to come. It’s not just God’s promise of giving us our daily bread, our manna to get us through today, but it’s the assurance that He’s thought of and planned for our future – whatever that will be. He will provide.

I have learned during my seasons of want that God will always provide everything I need. It usually isn’t everything I want, but it IS everything I need. I’m leaning into that today. And tomorrow. He is a big God who has thought of and planned for my every need. He doesn’t promise life will be easy. He doesn’t promise that I’ll always get what I want. But knowing that He is with me and that He has planned for my future – a future I intend on sharing with Him – is making me smile today.

Yes, I’m still in the desert. But I’m not alone.

(Genesis 22:13-14)

By AnnMarie Hoyt

AnnMarie Hoyt