Living Life on Empty

Hi, Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

You’ve all heard how we should never go to the grocery store when hungry. Yes, I know that, but hours of running errands, shopping, and being in the car erased my memory. I thought I was starving and needed a box of cookies. So daughter Kristen, 7-year old Mary Grace (now known as Jewel…her call) and I made a final stop of the day at Fresh Market to satisfy my sweet tooth craving. That was the plan: quick in and out for cookies.

20 minutes later, we were at the check-out counter with 2 garlic-butter roasted chickens (I don’t even like chicken, but it looked and smelled so good), a container of broccoli/pear salad in mayonnaise (do I even need to try to justify that?), a bag of grapes (my only wise purchase), 2 fat meatballs (talk to Kristen), a container of mac & cheese swimming in grease and butter (again, that’s Kristen), a bag of buttered French bread rounds, a big cheese ball of baked brie, buttery mashed potatoes (again, Kristen), and a container of wings which were devoured before we could get them to check-out. All I ever wanted was a cookie…or 2.

The physical lesson is easy. Don’t shop when hungry. But what’s the spiritual application? I started thinking about how vulnerable I am when I haven’t prayed, read my Bible and submitted myself to God. My empty tank makes me susceptible to react with impatience, anger, or even cynicism.

But when I have God’s fuel in my tank, I have a better chance to respond in ways that go against my sinful nature, to react supernaturally with His power, to respond in ways that are pleasing to Him. I need to stay full, to keep my tank filled with all that is true, noble, pure, lovely, virtuous, and praiseworthy. (paraphrase of Phil 4:8)

Purpose with me today and every day to avoid the pitfalls of living life on empty. Stay full on the deliciousness of God’s word. Enjoy the sweet fellowship of like-minded Christians. Make prayer and communion with God a mainstay in our diets. And next time you see a Fresh Market, keep driving. (Oh, and my 2 boxes of cookies are almost gone, but they were oh so good while they lasted!)

Blessings on your day,