The Coming Apocalypse

The Coming Apocalypse

with Pastor Paul Begley

The Seven Last Plagues

Paul Begley preaches on the Seven Last Plagues found in the book of Revelation, and how he believes that some of them are already occurring.

The Coming Apocalypse
Watch as Pastor Paul Begley provides insight on current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy.

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Meet Pastor Begley

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Paul Begley
Host of the Coming Apocalypse

In addition to hosting the Coming Apocalypse, Pastor Paul has pastored for the last 32 years in the Starke County area of Indiana and currently co-pastors with his father, Charles Begley, at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN. As an evangelist, Paul holds revivals across America and internationally. Paul has held crusades as far away as Orissa, India.