What’s Cookin’?

What’s Cookin’?

Chicken Piccata

Watch as John Rivers shares a unique recipe for Chicken Piccata!

What’s Cookin’?
Watch as John Rivers of 4Rivers Smokehouse and the Coop whips up some amazing recipes right here in our studio!
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Meet John

John Rivers's Photo
John Rivers
Chef & CEO, 4Rivers Smokehouse and the Coop

John spent 20 years in the healthcare industry before retiring, traveling the country, and honing his taste and talent for brisket perfection. As he soaked up the flavors and practices of ‘cue fare countrywide, John’s dream of de-regionalizing BBQ was born. Today, he has several locations across the state of Florida, with plans for continued expansion and more than 1,000 amazing folks on our 4 Rivers team. Most importantly, the Barbecue Ministry remains his foundation and focus, and will until the cows come home.