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Come see an amazing spectacle of lights, singing, and dancing!

First Baptist Church of Orlando
3000 S John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32805

From its beginning over three decades ago, The Trees have become one of Central Florida’s most loved and spectacular traditions. Featuring a huge choir, full orchestra, worshipful dance, powerful drama and a beautiful display of 250,000 lights, The Singing Christmas Trees is an exciting presentation of Christmas classics and the pageantry of our two 40-foot-tall Christmas Trees.

God Alone is my Peace
Hi, Everyone! Happy Election Day! What’s happy about it, you might ask? Um, that it’s almost over, and we can get back to normalcy. Whatever happens, we know who the true Ruler of our world is…Jesus Christ is on the throne, and He reigns supreme. That’s good enough for me. And speaking of rulers and